Dream Summer Road Trip

Most Americans love road trips. There is something about the freedom of the open road, with its unlimited potential for adventure, that touches each of us. The United States has the most amazing road system in the world which makes it easy to get anywhere you want to go. The only limit is your imagination...and time and money of course.

I grew up in Michigan and didn't take my first airplane flight until I was 18 years old. Needless to say, I took plenty of road trips during my formative years. Our longest trips were always to Florida of course. It seems as though it is the only place Michiganders are aware of with ocean beaches. I remember seeing countless billboards along I-75 touting Ruby Falls in Tennessee. Our visit there is still one of my favorite early childhood memories. Even though the drives were long, and there were no iPhones to pass the time, I remember the trips fondly.

Heather and I are trying to take our two kids to as many new places as possible while they are young. These kinds of experiences are priceless in a life that is so short. We are taking a roadie up the coast later this month with stops at Hearst Castle, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Lake Tahoe. We can't wait.

However, my dream summer road trip has always been taking a month to see a game at ALL 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. That's right, 30 Games In 30 Days In 30 Cities. It is a big goal of mine to do it before the kids are out of the house. It is a daunting task to be sure, Miami and Seattle are both a LONG ways away from the rest. To do it by car would be nearly impossible. It might take a combination of flights, taxis and rental cars. We have also discussed only hitting the stadiums I have never been to (which would eliminate the Seattle and Miami problems from the equation).

There are people who have done it and talk about it online. I would love you hear from any of you that have a dream road trip of their own.

Happy trails,


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