Fear of blogging

Some would say I have the gift of gab...and I would humbly agree. I just love that part of what I do, getting to know people, sharing and caring genuinely in conversation. The human connection is a strength every successful hairstylist eventually gains as they grow behind the chair. It's a craft in itself and the truly successful ones are damn good at it. That said, the idea of writing a blog has always terrified me. What is it about the ability to carry on all day long and then when my husband asks me how I feel about writing a blog, I panic inside? Is it my struggle with grammar? My barely completing high school let alone college? Is it my fear of not being any good or not having something valuable to share? Or is it just because it challenges me and makes me feel really darn uncomfortable? Well, I'm determined to overcome this fear. You see, I don't even read blogs. I don't even really know what they are. What does the word even mean? Is this really even a blog? Do I just write whatever I think and feel at the moment? I assume it needs to be something interesting or helpful. This is freaking me out...but what the heck! Gonna go for it and see what happens. My first blog is about how terrified I am to write a blog, lol! Pretty funny, right? My name is Heather Krohn and I am a hairstylist of 26 years, salon owner of almost 13 and now a blogger of one day! Ha! I like to think I have many strengths but writing has never felt like one of them. Pretty much anything to do with school frightens me beyond words. Even walking on my kids school campus gives me total anxiety. Ironically, one of my all-time favorite quotes is: "NEVER STOP LEARNING". I say this in the salon and hashtag it like crazy!!! It is seriously a mantra of mine, if you know me, you know it! But what's so different about the salon classroom? I live it, breathe it, eat it! Yes, I am an obsessed hairstylist who wants to never, EVER, stop learning. So, on that note, I'm going to learn to blog... ha! Hope you can cheer me on and maybe, just maybe, we may all learn a little something new. Until next time friends ❤️😘 H

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